Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Last Images

A collection of photos from our trip, in no particular order...

The future

Listening to my As it Happens interview online during a break in rehearsal in Kigali (CBC radio, my bit begins at 5 minutes in:

Nuns in Butare (now called Huye)

Our commodious transportation to and from the venue in Butare

The path to and from the campus at the National University of Rwanda

Prize-winner for The Biggest Thing Carried Atop One's Head, Kigali

Gisenyi - condemned building

Rebecca and Guillaume at Chez Robert in Kigali

Goma DRC - the Volcano Danger-of-Eruption sign: Yellow flag means not too dangerous today...

Goma DRC - living atop the lava flow from 2002. That would have been a red flag day...

Nyamata, Rwanda


Gord models his Butare-bought Obama pants

Gisenyi, Northern Rwanda. We did.

Southern Province, Rwanda

Tyler and Gord at lunch in Nyamata

The bicycle. An invention that finds great use in Rwanda.

Amy Rutherford on tour

A view from the third floor of the Hotel des Milles Collines, Kigali

Bananas and sky.
A boy in his school uniform near Nyamata Primary School "B"

Boda boda driver in Kigali

Dancers in a village near Nyamata

Mind the Gap

Amy Rutherford on tour

The market in Gisenyi, Rwanda

Handmade cinder blocks, Nymata, Rwanda

At the Green Hills Academy, Kigali, where we went to look at a possible performance space: The Ghandis are out in front, just ahead of a pair of intrepid Martin Luther Kings, but the Mandelas are coming on strong...

The human form at Nyamata, Rwanda

Laurette Kabanyana at Shokola, Kigali

So much depends on a yellow wheelbarrow / glazed with brown earth / beside the red sorghum

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