Friday, October 9, 2009

Au Revoir to Butare

Pamela Acaye and Gloria Magambo bid us farewell. We will catchup with them both again in Kigali.

The drive takes about 3 hours. We pass glorious sights en route, including this market.

Banville snoozes.

Rand and Hou√ęt-Brisebois snooze.

Hughes and Francks snooze

Wednesday, Oct 7

Our last morning in Butare, and the drive back to Kigali, where we stop by our venue - Heaven. This is a restaurant in Kigali owned by an American couple, Josh and Alissa Ruxin ( We decide how we will orient the show in this large, outdoor patio. We choose to use the view of Kigali and the surrounding hills as out backdrop. It is stunning.


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