Friday, October 2, 2009


On the runway.

Gord anticipates disembarkation.

Room party in the Hotel des Milles Collines, Kigali (aka the Hotel Rwanda).

Breakfast at the Milles Collines the next morning. Eggs taste like eggs. Fruit tastes like fruit. SOOO much better than in Toronto.

We go to change money at a local establishment recommended to us by Laurette - our local liaison. The Obama bill was on the door.

We arrive in Kigali at just before 2am on Thursday, Oct. 1.

1) We are met by Laureete Kabanyana - our "fixer" Steve's associate. Steve is currently in Lebanon, but Laurette will stay with us from here on to translate, and problem-solve as necessary. Laurette is lovely. We are 14 Canadians, and we occupy one van, two taxis and Laurette's car for the 30 minute drive into the centre of town.

2) We check into the Hotel des Milles Collines - made famous in the West by the movie Hotel Rwanda. The Milles Collines is under renovation, but it's a welcome and comfortable place after our very long trip. We open some Nairobi duty-free in Rick Banville's room, and toast our safe arrival.

3) We pass out and sleep. Breakfast at 9. Out to change money and buy phones at 10am with Laurette. Back to the hotel for the drive to Butare at 1pm.

We're here.

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