Monday, September 28, 2009

Between the closing and the leaving

Goodbyes after the last show in Toronto: Amy and her mutt and Amy's mutt's new best friend - Gord's son Jeremy

Jeremy feeds me some ice cream after the show

Our final audience in Toronto: Sept 27, 2009

The real Michael Redhill at the Midpoint (the local post-show hang out)

Parting is such sweet sorrow:

1) Meredith (Volcano's General Manager) calls the Hotel des Milles Collines in Kigali to confirm our airport pickup. The front desk says they have no record of our staying there. 14 people. Meredith's first heart attack of the day. They subsequently find the booking.

2) Experienced international traveller Ross (that's me) realizes he's booked onto flights to Kenya and Nigeria after the tour (research for the Africa Trilogy - the next big project), but somehow neglected to get visas for either country. This lack of visas has managed to escape the attention of all of us: AD, GM, travel agent. Volcano - the international touring company! Our excuse is that we've been entirely focused on the logistic s of the Rwanda tour. In any case - this touches off a hectic day. Heart attack number two.

3) The visa hunt. After failing to reach the Nigerian High Commission in Ottawa (i don't think anyone actually works there) for HOURS; after discovering there is no Nigerian embassy in Rwanda (online, at least - no record); after talking to Nigerian friends in Canada (only way in now would be bribery!); it is determined that i need to change all my travel plans. So - the day before he leaves - Ross gets booked on an entirely different flight from the rest of the team (cheapest way to do it). I now will fly Air France through Paris. I will meet everyone else (they're on KLM through Amsterdam) in Nairobi. We will all arrive in Kigali together - a couple days from now! No more Nigeria. But Kenya is still on: a wayward Canadian can buy a visa at the Jomo Kenyatta airport.

4) Our stage manager - Guillaume - gets a call from the dry cleaner on King St. in Toronto: he is told that the men's suits have been damaged in the dry cleaning process. Heart attack number three. How are they damaged? Faded. But information is not solid as there is a considerable language barrier (neither party speaks the other's native tongue). Practice for the tour? It turns out there is no perceivable damage in one suit - and they didn't clean the other, for fear of damaging it. We still have costumes. We will not use that dry cleaner again.

Off we go...

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  1. Thinking of you all as you fly over the ocean! And proud of you all too!